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ID Printer for Local & National Governments

Government agencies across the globe rely on Swiftpro’s employee badge printing solutions for ID cards with overt and covert security features.

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ID Card Printer Applications

student card

National Identification Cards
Voter ID Cards

Cashless payment and vending

Driving Licenses
Vehicle Registration Cards

Secure ID login applications

Social Program Support Cards
National Health Entitlement Cards

Security Badge Printer: The Only Printer You Need for Governments Worldwide

With a heightened level of security around the world, Swiftpro security badge printers provide unmatched security encoding technologies. These technologies protect each individual’s identity, ensuring that ID cards cannot be altered or counterfeited.

Swiftpro security badge printers and driver license printers are ideal for governments issuing citizen card programs, ensuring that their citizens are protected while making certain they have access to the correct government services.

Government institutions such as local law enforcements, city councils, municipals, and state government buildings require both physical and logical access for their employees to gain lawful entry into high-security establishments. Swiftpro’s employee badge printers can provide both personalized automated access control and dual authentication for secure login onto networks.